John Bull’s Isle: York, England Part 2 – The extra trimmings

This post is just to put into memory the bits and bobs that didn't making it through to the main cut. Tribute to York for being a city packed to the ceiling with rather interesting sights. Please see below the little extras, tying up loose ends with some damn nice pictures. Lurking within the city... Continue Reading →


John Bull’s Isle: York, England

In times where the current political climate and trends throw's one idea of their own country into question. It is perhaps valuable to potter around sed country, an exercise in viewing the lay of the land so to speak. John Bull's green and rolling isle.  It was a bank holiday weekend this weekend, with the... Continue Reading →

Flying around? It’s us verses them 

Yellow stained clouds Its August... the long drawn out days of summer and I am jealous of those going away to some far flung part of the world. I have nothing planned until we start heading back into the crisper colder months, summertime stillness for now. Whilst reading  consider this post might just be an... Continue Reading →

Short Haul Searching: Sofia 

Right near the edge of the short haul Empire, Sofia is a 3 hour flight away from London Stansted. The Bulgarian capital is not on many of the top 10 places to go, not a new age must like a Budapest or Prague but it's not without its intriguige. The Balkan Hub has been home... Continue Reading →

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